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                   Our  quality is not afraid of competition.

The expression ‘ Made in Italy ‘ has changed in an expression

able to evoke all around the world the idea of product of quality,

coming from a deep and detailed search among  utilized row materials and their working process.

These characteristics are the bases of our company.

WE ARE CONSIDERED THE INVENTORS of the solar showers and we are ever since  leader of the market.

Without any doubt, a positive point for us.

Our products wholly  MADE IN ITALY are realized in our companies in Turin and they are marked

Arkema and Jean Rusconi, excepted the products realized exclusively for the companies which requires .

Thanks to our product success, we boast a great number of copies on the market ,

but we are confident that our product is competitive for quality and design.

It is possible to find or require our product in the best shops  

of swimming pools, gardens, hydraulics, IN/OUT furnishing or on the web site by vendors

which have the visible label AUTHORIZED DEALER

Our  market  internal policy is aimed to satisfy completely the final Customer and protect our commercial partners.


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