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Design objects made in Polyethylene :  Pots, Chairs, Coffee Tables,  Accessories and Light Furniture.

Rich in details  and technologically advanced, our products are suitable either for the furnishing and OUTDOOR environments 

as a complement of the INTERIOR furniture and they can be used in residential and commercial environments.

The design and production takes place in Italy, using as row  material as POLYETHYLENE,

a non-toxic material, 100% recyclable, resistant to low and high temperatures, to shocks and UV rays .

Each product is available in different versions and colors to allow easy use in any context ;

moreover on request it can be PERSONALIZED according to specific needs . 

Our products are suitable  for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Cocktail Bars, Slow and Fast Food, Shopping Centers, Sport Centers, Fitness Centers and Wellness, Offices, Commercial Franchises, Banks, Companies in general, Bathing Establishments, Airports and Railway Stations,Theme Parks

but also

for the EVENTS, for the RESIDENTIAL and for the URBAN FURNITURE.

Colored,lighted or customized, the Arkema Design - Cornaglia Group

products make the environments unique,  giving them an unmistakable touch of modern and functional design.

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