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join you too in the great Arkema Family

Grow with us on a stimulating path.

We will support you step by step !


The secret of Arkema  success is in the passion and professionalism of its team .


All our staff  works with passion, establishing special links that go further the  simple working relationships.



We constantly focused on  achieving  the best result in every hing we offer and on being the focal points

in the world  for the  Italian culture and  the exporters of the great value of the Made in Italy. 


In the last 10 years, with the aim of an important diversification from the traditional automotive sector, the company has made big investments in the SHOWER and OUTDOOR FURNISHING environment,  expanding  its range with many DESIGN new solutions which  made Arkema the lead in  an increasingly competitive market.


Today Arkema, after many years of collaboration with Cornaglia S.p.a group,  has become part of it, with the aim of combining forces for a common goal.


Cornaglia Group has  many sites all around the world and it will facilitate the efficiency and development in our growing market.


Sure about   the extraordinary potential of this product, still unknown to the great majority of the people  -  Arkema has for the next future important innovations that will also develop in cooperation  with its Customers.

You can grow with us and select values as:


Excellence: we would like to excite  customers, creating extraordinarily well-made products, working quickly and efficiently to satisfy their needs.


Sales support: we will be at your disposal to offer you new solutions


Customer Protection and Controlled Price Policy. 


The security of offering an Evergreen product 


A stimulating growth path to achieve goals 




Arkema Design - Cornaglia Group.

Logo Arkema Design
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