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Arkema Design - Cornaglia Group

is an Italian production company born to always be on the edge of  

technology - design - customer services - costs

Giancarlo Rusconi, a businessman from Turin

who is particularly attentive to the needs of the market,

in 1988 has presented  the first solar-heated shower on the market.

A useful product which has been able to conquer markets all over the world.


In the last 10 years, with the aim of an important diversification from the traditional automotive sector,

Arkema has made investments in the SHOWERS and OUTDOOR FURNITURE sector  

expanding its range of a lot of new DESIGN solutions that have made it a protagonist in an increasingly competitive market.

Certain of the extraordinary potential of this product,

still unknown to the general public - and of which the company already boasts some questionable copies -

Arkema has important news for the next future

which will also develop in collaboration with the prospective customers.

Arkema - industry 4.0

A production capacity able to satisfy any request, with great flexibility.  

Arkema optimizes your business with the convenience and guarantee

of a MADE IN ITALY product

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